Develop Software for Web, Desktop & Android

I have years of experience in analysis, design and development of software for desktop and mobile platforms. I design intuitive and easy-to-use front-ends on top of solid, structured code

Okay, so what does that mean?

I help you define what you want

I’m a problem solver. I translate what you want into a concrete, functional design. I can help you come the closest to what you have in mind while taking into account the current technologies

I create what you need

I have the technical skills needed to bring your projects into fruition. I turn your blueprints into something usable that answers your needs

My skills

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Projects I worked on

Television content viewing solution

Television content viewing application for Android. Subscription and data management Middleware & Back-Office, implemented with Laravel.

Customers can subscribe to various plans in order to view the television content. Payment is made on the web application through Stripe. The middleware manages customer authentication, streams DRM video, and provides EPG

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Navigation system for people with disabilities

Development of an Android application to guide people with auditory and/or visual deficiency through the public transports in Paris. The people using the application are guided by a haptic device composed of a vibrating bracelet and a hand controller with a feedback pad.

While walking in the streets, the users keep their thumb on the hand controller. When they have to turn at the corner of a street, the feedback pad will push their thumb on either side, informing them of the direction to take . While inside a public transport vehicle, each event (bus approaching, train stopped, etc) is associated with a specific vibration sequence.

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Civil Security Mobile application

Development of an Android application to help the deployment and intervention of civil security forces, such as the firemen and the police

The first squad arriving on the site of an incident can use this application on a tablet to report the situation by taking pictures, recording audio/video, and drawing the scene over an Open Street Map. The report is then transmitted to the headquarters, where the situation will be assessed. If other squads are sent, their tablets will receive any necessary information while on the way. The tablet can also be used to grab helpful information from the database of the HQ

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Geo referenced touristic application in Dubai

Prototyping of an interactive GPS tourist guide for the capitals of the world on Windows Mobile. Mission of one week in Dubai

Travellers are guided through the most touristic cities of the world. Local organizations (tourism offices, historic preservation organizations, etc) provide content in the form of audio, video, text and/or track games, in order to promote the local culture with a unique experience

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Geo referenced touristic application in Martinique

Development and maintenance of an interactive GPS tourist guide in Martinique on Windows Mobile. Mission of 3 months in Martinique

This application brings forward the local culture that travellers can not usually experience without living on site for a long time. Every point of interest of the island of Martinique can be displayed on the map. The users can browse through the database to display what they are looking for (landscapes, restaurants, historic landmarks, etc) on the map. The application then guides the users on the roads to the destination of their choice

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Biodiversity monitoring mobile application

Maintenance and optimization of a Windows Mobile application used for monitoring the flora of the Ecrins national park in France

When encountering a population of plant species that needs to be referenced, the botanists use the application to report the caracteristics of the population, such as the phrenology, the number of specimens, etc. They draw the area where the plant species is situated by hand or by tracking their postion while walking. When returning to the office, the data created with the application is synchonized with the national park's database

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Nvidia Tegra prototype: Augmented Reality project

Study of feasibility for Augmented Reality on a Windows tablet containing a Nvidia Tegra prototype

This project aimed to test the abilities of the new Nvidia Tegra chip. When the tablet containing the Tegra chip was used to film people, a face recognition algorithm would be used to display 3D models over the faces in real time

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About me

Software Developer since 2010. Building things has always been a past-time of mine. I enjoy seeing every gear of a software I created turn in unison to produce the expected result. For other things, I am also a very curious person. If it means learning something new, I don't mind asking stupid questions.

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